Rad Kick

Rad Kick - Precious Time lyrics

away from pain, alone in the dungeons

just to erase you out of my mind

god, cool my head, I'm burning on the insides

used up all the patience I built up all the time

Oh, Lord

he's wasting my

precious time

every minute is a minute too much

precious time

what should I do without you

I think I would start to live again

feel the rain that keeps me cool

I know, I'm daring, but I know

I'm not a fool

I'm getting sick by thinking about you

you will never ever be someone that I prefer

you waste your time...

I can't stand to have you beside me

now, I need silence to calm down, you see

I'll live again; maybe in a dark cave

the main thing is I heal the wounds in myself

I waste my time...

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