Racoon - Wendy lyrics

Daybreak, another new day shines,

the school dance is coming in

She's giving dad the 'Please can I, Charlie is taking me'

Charlie that worthless son of a gun.

You better ask your mom'

She said: '0 dad give me a break, a miracle is what it takes

If you say yes, she can't say no'.

And dad said: 'Allright, go,

but there's a curfew and behave,

don't spend all your money

0 and Wendy? Be home 11.30

Wendy listen to your daddy'

11.30, home she is.

'Mom, dad, I'm going to bed'

Kiss kiss and goes upstairs,

she's sneaking out the window,

tearing up her rental dress

Her friends are waiting down the street

'Hey Charlie, Tom and Emma, here is Wendy,

brought a bit of brandy'

Wendy listen to your daddy

Safe sex and liquor in the punch

Hangs out with Charlie and the bunch

Wendy in the backseat of a chevy

Supposedly the night is gone,

Wendy had lots of fun

But daddy screams: 'What have you done,

you're grounded 'till your twenty-one'

Wendy, should have listened to your daddy


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