Racoon - Water By The Bed lyrics

Stay alone love,

mommy's going away tonight

Leave the light in the hallway on

when you are frightened

And try not to be sad.

There's water by the bed

Say goodnight love,

'cause daddy's going away tonight

Don't you worry,

I promise I'll be home on time

You'll be fine love.

Doggy's there so you won't be alone

You're a big girl.

We'll be back before you know

And please try not to scream,

'cause it's not all bad you see

I'm begging you, please don't go

I'm scared alone mom you should know

I'm scared of dreaming on my own

I'm begging you mom

please don't turn the lights down low

See you soon love.

We'll be home around 11.00

When you're hungry,

there's some dinner in the oven

And when you're sad or alone,

the number's by the phone

And please try not to scream.

When it's only a, only a bad dream

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