Racoon - Paper Home lyrics

I walk passed the phone, I like to be alone,

all on my own, inside my paper home

I wish I was good, I wish I was beautiful to you

and that you understood,

that I'd fight a war for you, if I should

You sit by the fire, at least I imagine you do

L. Cohen sings Avalanche. I'm in a book, so are you

I wish you were here to run, laugh and cry with me,

suddenly appear to love, live and die with me

In dreams I save you from harm

In dreams you always worship me

Like I've always worshipped you

In dreams we're together, it's you and me I see

I can always pretend when I don't want to be alone

That you're back again, safe in our paper home

Things I've done wrong, countless in name and number

But pride feels no pain

Now I run off to hide my shame

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