Racoon - Eric's Bar lyrics

Let's stay in bed, no better yet

Take my bike and go outside

'Cause if! don't and stay inside

Then I know I'll lose my mind

Thought I was dead, buried and left

All! did was take a breather

Tied to the bed so I could stay out of trouble for a day

Yeah right, no way

This is home, this is roots

This is where you're understood

Take your bike and leave the car

Going straight to Eric's Bar

'You're on your own' was on the phone

It's too hot to stay inside, he said

So get your shorts and find a smile

Let's go grab a beer a while, just for a while

We ramble on, humming a song, we don't mean to hurt no one

We blow our nose in the dresscodes

They don't even see us run with our worn-out sneakers on

Take a dive, skinny dip, it's okay to lose your grip,

feel the breeze, cool the brew, giving Kimberley the lip

You never have to lie, never have to fake,

never lose your fun, never have to hide away

These people know you well, they will not kiss and tell,

never have to run, never have to run and hide

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