Raconteurs - Blue Veins lyrics

When I was surrounded by the world

You were the only one who came

And you were the only one astounded

Which kept me grounded

As the other girls thrashed my very name

Then I looked over

Just in time to see her smiling back at me

And saying everything's OK

As long as you're inside my blue veins

Your blue veins

Yeah and the feeling that you gave me

No matter what I do or where I go

It always will remain

And those who would enslave me to get to me must get past you and will have no luck

Cause you'll protect me from all pain

The most beautiful, yeah the most beautiful thing cause anything else can't compare

Must be the blood that's running through your blue veins

Your blue veins

[Strange part in reverse]

Your blue veins

And I know you won't deceive me

Like the rest and there's nothing you need to explain

You always were the first one to believe me

When I said to you girl

I think it's gonna rain

But I could be wrong

Yeah but all of these things

All these things

They're all truly nice but ain't nothing

Ain't nothing compared to the love that's running through your little blue veins

Your blue veins

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