RACK-LO - Rich Man Poor Man lyrics

(feat. Thirstin Howl III)


I'm filthy rich I got bank accounts and large amounts

CD's, stocks and barns, presidential suites

Property on War Street, playing for high stakes

6 billion dollar estate, money to waste

[Thirstin Howl III]

I'm a poor man so I put a gun to your face

to take two things, your life, and a dead presidential briefcase

Empty your safe for everything you got, mansion and a yacht

Vehicles out on the parking lot already sold

At the swap shop, my client I is an undercover cop

Making deals underneath the table

I either be him or a poor man, can nobody save you?


I'm a rich man it's not my fault

You live in the slums of New York

Let's beat like a criminal when you talk criminal slang

Stick me up now; what goes around comes around like a boomerang

[Thirstin Howl III]

Hang mare, I hang your high

The day I was born I was ready to die

Lie commit fraud and cheat

The bottom line I gotta eat

Dead beat that, 5 years probation

Completed 4 and a half, got violated twice

Shoot dice, place your bets

I see cats with teeth and wore, murder suicide and sex


Too bad I see ugly signatures on corporate cheques

I relieve scholars Harvard graduates

Commit white dollars crimes behind enemy lines

You can read about it Monday, New York Times

[Thirstin Howl III]

I'm a poor man poverty hit the lottery

High school drop out, independent hip hop economy

Homeless, walk males like Ghandi, diamond district


Life styles of the rich and famous without Robin Leech

Private jet planes with my colleagues

Sniff cocaine, overdose like Curt Kobain

Above the clouds, richer than Liberace

Down with illuminati, n-w-o c-e-o

Control alcohol, tobacco, the world is mine

Plant time bombs

[Thirstin Howl III]

Oh yeah really

Not if I burn ya empire down like Waco

You wear Rolex I wear Swatch tomics or Seiko

I live in the ghetto, you live in the suburbs

I grew up with thugs you grew up with nerds

I'm not gonna be poor for long mark my words

County of Kings, I got big dreams in two years

You can see my face on Tv screens


So rich I own a time machine

Helicopters, submarines, cbs, mvc

MTV, BET, exquisite split sonian exhibit


Poor man so I am stingy like hysterics

A thin like between love and hate, swindle swords

Got tricks up my sleeve like white boys on skate boards

I got a duffle bag full of 39 38 specials 37 watches

with diamond embezzles, double impact, cameras

Take 35millimeter fill by Kodak

Quicken officers which trench coats like Kojak

(ah negative please, that's the service)

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