RACHEL WEDEWARD - Disease lyrics


eh eh eh

Chorus:Ooh baby i got a disease

and I think it's killing me

this has never happened before

and i think your the one that I'm lookin' for

x2 2nd Intro:eh eh eh eh oooh ah eh eh eh eh yeah ah

Bridge: cure me up

make me feel like i've never felt before

give me some more

give it to me before i.... explode


x2 2nd intro

1st Verse:make sure to add

a little bit of romance

before we have the chance

to dance the night away


2nd introx2

2nd Verse:ooh no

((I got a disease))

I think your the one that I'm lookin' for

((cure me up yeah eh eh eh))

make sure to add

((a little bit of romance))

1st versex2

chorus 1st intro and 2nd intro fades

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