Rachel Proctor

Rachel Proctor - I'm Gonna Get You Back lyrics

I'm Putting on your favorite dress

You know the one you love that really shows off my legs

Gonna march downtown right into your favorite place

And that little blonde, well she better not get in my way

'Cause I'm on a mission


I'm gonna get you back

It won't take long

It'll happen fast

You might as well face the fact

I'm gonna get you back

It's kinda crowded in here tonight

You've got yourself surrounded by every pretty girl in sight

But that ain't gonna stop me my time is comin' round

You'll wonder what just hit you when it all goes down

I can't wait to see your face


Over at the bar, hey there's your best friend

Think I'll just sneak over and ask him how he's been

I'm thinkin' he's always liked me anyway


I'm gonna get you back

Yeah, I'm gonna get you back

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