RACES TO APRIL - Your Soul-suckin' Days Are Over, Amigo! lyrics

what's done is done

i still see the outline of your silhouette against the bed

i still smell our cigarettes in my hair

it's a long drive home when everyone's asleep

we're left alone to think how

we only have the insult and the injury to share

these alibis and the speed of cellular service

it's far less than you deserve but it's safer than

hearing the truth

the view from here

trying to sleep alone in the backseat

filled with anything but clear

so i watch the clock

and i watch the bottles bottle up

because all you have is time to kill

when all you are is on the line

and if i counted all my sins, i'd find too many to


you can wash your hands, but you'll always see the


(you're a fool for thinking that anyone can change)

and i want to scream this is the urgency

little voices clear as church bells like heaven's choir of


i wanna sing, i swear it on my knees

we cannot be fooled again

just commit our crimes and hope that we forget

we're not the chosen ones

we're not the diamonds in the rough

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