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Racer X - Time Before The Sun lyrics

Time Before The Sun

There is no sunrise

There has never been a rain

Only an emptiness

No time, No fear, No pain

No bodies crying out

No one has yet to pray

No light has shone on down

There has never been a day

No shadows spreading out

No moon and earth yet spin

Only an entitiy

A god who made nothing

Drowned in his loneliness

Being the only one

Living eternity

In a time before the sun

Form contrast or colors hue

Have yet to meet an eye

The endless pins of light

Not yet to greet the sky

No throughts of seven days

To create everything

A spirit roams the void

A god who rules nothing

Consuming infinite

No end, No beginning

Reins in his vacuous

Has no thoughts of me

Wrapped in his onlyness

Being the lonely one

Being the only thing

In a time before the sun

No tide yet leap onto

A never ending shore

No here after

No beginning , No before

A pitless nothingness

That reaches deep within

Soul serching void extends

Black velvet, Blank abyss

A spirit crying out

For someone to adore

A pounding emptiness

Wants and needs for more

Tired of his loneliness

Being the only one

He sees a coming

In a time before the sun

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