Race The Sun

Race The Sun - 460 To Nowhere lyrics

and my mind is trying to keep tempo

though my hands are on the wheel, my feet stomp down

and the gas burns faster through every yellow light

and i wonder if i went even faster than this speed,

would my mind just stretch to the point where the pressure

wrinkles my face

either way i go, i will still gain a year

never would i had thought i'd write so deep

but considering that in this state that i thought this night

i will drift to sleep to the applauding rain

and i'll attempt to remember the dream i'll have

it could take days till it eventually turns into deja vu

and i know i'll roll over and extend my arm as though

here we'll toast to unfamiliar faces

in dreams richmond does this to me

to us and this map uncharted

in dreams richmond does this to

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