Ra - Say You Will

Step to me if you're ready for a beatdown

Swift wit my hands I don't fuck around

I'm laying out MC's in a sec

I'll get wreck and break your muthafucking neck

Who can step to me from Compton

None them rappers 'cause I'm still stomping

So bail in your best MC's

Nigga please

I'll wax you tax you I'll just fax you

Put in ?(sominian)? pumps to cold mack you

You think your rhymes are so fine

I'm rolling through Compton wit a tech nine

Eazy, you're sloppy, Dre you know you're played

Ren, You're cool but your rhymes don't lay

Against the D-O-G

The only dope rapper you had was I-C-E

But you tried to jerk him like a sucker

That's why he's larger than you dumb muthafuckas

And if there was a repercussion, there was no discussion

So the shit ain't nutting

And if you think you can fuck wit the D-O-G

Ha-ha, step to me

Step to me...

Watch me slip (niggaz chant)

You better have fear

Somebody should've told ya the Dog is near

I'm wiping that ass like tissue

Best believe the Dog's gonna dis you

Rip you up, tip you up, cold bust your lips up

Now shut the fuck up

Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down

You know you can't fuck around wit the Jim Brown

Running MC's like a quarterback

Brothers are wack, I want my muthafucking money back

All those tracks you made

Fuck your grade 'cause your shit is played

Dis me, why bother

Stepping to me, you rather step to your father

Yea, and I'm all that

And NWA is crazy wack

Peace to Ice Cube, peace to Ice-T

DJ Quik, you can suck my dick

Then want to wax that ass

And send you back to hardcore class

And if you think you can fuck wit the D-O-G

Bring it on, step to me

Step to me...

Step to a man wit the clan at hand

Ina masterplan, shit, Godam

Lethal weapon, rhymes are def and

Tim Dog's a man, you shouldn't a been sleeping on

I carry on wit the song, you're right, I'm dog-gone

Word is born

I'll compare and dare wit a stare

Your sayind where, I'm over here

Rap bull, a guerilla warfare

Dis my crew, don't you dare

Girls jock me, crowds clock me

While rap artists peer's cock block me

But if there a rapper that think that he's better than me

Bring it on, step to me

Step to me...

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