R.A. The Rugged Man

R.A. The Rugged Man - Smithaven Mall (Why Did My Life Have to Be This Way?)

When the sky turns black without a trace of light

Panic starts to domain this strange night

And I feel fire in my brain

Try to save this land in vain

Everything on earth is clear

Hypocrites screaming: "Doomsday is here!"

Look into my eyes...

Your fate is to die!

Reality's the unholy spell

Listen to the final bell

Reality's the unholy spell

And this world's a living hell

I see pain and suffering everyday

Humans beings in deep decay and misery

It's hard to believe!

Violence in first degree

What can I say about peace in a world of pain?

Where the population stands in disdain

People dying by starvation...

A land without salvation

[ chorus ]


A living hell

So follow...

My unholy spell!!!

Superiors smashing any focus of resistance

Using their habitual ignorance to kill

This is the true ill!

A world in flames, their deepest will

Maximum violence is the only law

Like a razor blade cutting so raw

Look again to my eyes

Now you're gonna die!!!

[ chorus ]

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