R.A. The Rugged Man

R.A. The Rugged Man - Dumb lyrics

Oh wow, it's me, how you like me now?

Yeah I'm still on the scene, and you don't know how

Blah, blah, blah, blabber, bragger, bold ceremony master, chains snatcher, ??? rapper

Frank Sinatra Ratpacker, not the Rawkus backpacker

I'm back at you like don't they know I'm the wrong dude to fuck with

I'm the dude all the rappers had bad luck with

In fact fuck bad luck, they all hate my guts

Cause they sell more records, but I fuck more sluts

Now let's get off that topic, let's see who the most obnoxious is

Who rocks shit, who got the ??? stoppin

Rap's all time infamous underdog, are you still pissed that I fucked your board?

Are you still pissed that we fucked that whore?

Would you call the cops if I bust your drawers?

Suburban, I get diggey-dumb, the history of rap white boy ???

I get dumb


Oh yes yes, it's true, I'm back with more shit

Everytime I record shit

It's some get butt-naked fuckin-your-whore-shit

Thought I lost it, cause I signed to a label and got kicked off it?

VH1 will never do my behind the scenes

Cause I'm way too explicit for your TV screens

I'm like "Can we please talk about me a little more? And why I don't sell out 'n I stay hardcore?"

And why I never did a video for TVs, and never bought a beat for more than 3 G's

And never put an album out, not one year

I don't give a fuck about my career

Yeah people talk about me like they know my ass

But where the fuck was you when I had no cash?

Oh wait, I forgot, I still don't got none

Will my album gon' blow up, if I ever drop one?

I'm allergic to worship perfect

You can ??? quicker than ???

Ice Cube, Daddy Kane, Hollywood burnin

Bitch scream when the dick's inserted, remember where you heard it

I get dumb


Yes yes y'all, y'all know the Rugged Man is the best yo

Top 5 lyricist, no less yo

Funky fresh yo, I be the D-I-double B-S yo

Wonderin where handicapped Rugged Man be at?

They like "Ain't he fell off?

??? he back" ??? for life ??? Diddy ??? word to Mister Cee ??? Biggie

Yeah, that kiddy is real sicky

B-U-B, R-U-G, we like Doug Fresh, Slick Ricky

Bon-stickity-bon-hon, gon' cock-riggedy-run

Ask Das, I get diggety dumb


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