R.A. The Rugged Man

R.A. The Rugged Man - Chains


Uhcheck it out

No doubt son

Flatbush nigga

Yes yes y’all

It’s that hall of fame joint

This how we do ittell em son


Aiyo I pack more studentsthan whole westberry

I’m legendaryI’m killin mad brothers at the ferry

I brings it all the timeI’m nice with mine

I be damn if I let the next nigga take mine

I’m like a 97 blazeri’mma phase ya

That’s word on my goddaughter salasia

I take it to the streetlike the average doopy brother

I’m n.y.p.d. like new york undercover

Money’s bustin out my socksfrom flatbush to headcox

Flipmode iz my squadplus we got it on lock

When I roll up on ya set and bust two to your chest

I’mma show brothers thru ya bullet proof vest

I’m the blast masterjust like krs

Yo who wants to test the boy scout for real?

Yo I’m that rugged scout that a punch ya in ya grill

In ya grillin ya grillI’m in ya mothafuckin grill

Chorus 2x: rampage

I refuse to loseI pay dues up in this game

I should be awarded to be in the hall of fame

Rollin with my squad that’s how I maintain

I should be awarded to be in the hall of fame


I run up in ya jurisdictionmake you catch the holy ghost

Worser than the worst christian

I’m in this rap game now front save that bullshit

Cuz I’m not the oneI’m my moms last son

I fly you like briscoeat ya like nabisco

I rock heads from st. louis to san francisco

I turns it outboy scout is a warrior

I stomp thru ya crewlike hurricane gloria

Fuck the world senateI’m in it to win it

Lyrical lieutenantthat’s my word and you can print it

Take it how ever you want ityo I did it

This is dedicated to those who bullshitted

They got admitted at kings county clinic

Everybody in the worls wants to be a critic

I broke the y-o routeshit is gettin clout

Flipmode’s my squadso I’m out

Chorus 2x


Boy scout son

Notorious b.i.g. rest in peace

Flipmode is the squid-a


Dj scratch

You know how we doyou know how we do

I should be awarded to be in the hall of fame

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