R.A. The Rugged Man

R.A. The Rugged Man - 50,000 Heads

Off we sail from Svea shores

To test our steel through out the world

Soon to come a raging battle

The strong will join and the weak shall fall

The army of immortals rise

To seek revenge of all the false

So we raise the hammer high

And call to Odin for a sign...

Join us in this holy war

Against the world and all it stands for

Crush the men of fashion's flow,

The slaves of Christ and the thrells of Islam

Riding on the blackest wind

We can't be stopped, we cannot fail

So we raise the horn of pride

And drink to glory and victory...

Onward into countless battles

We took the crown from sacred land

Soon return to Birka shores

Through storm, rain and hellish waters

Men of power, strength and might

Were born to live forever more

So we raise the hammer high

And call to Thor for a sign...

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