R - No Puedo Vivir

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: Are there times in the day when you wish that you could

wave a big magic wand and make everything good?

To come out on top, just like any kid would

does this sound appealing to you?

Timmy: Duh!

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: Then just listen up good, cuz it isn't a lie

when you hear what's in store, and you'll ask yourself why.

We're all gathered here.

Cosmo: Hey! Did somebody die?

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: No! Here's what you should be hip to..

People wish for money. People wish for fame.

People wish for power, but it always ends the same.

Jorgen: WITH PAIN!!!

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: You've got the best intentions....

Timmy: Yeah!

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: but what's one cat to do?

Timmy: I dunno

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: So tell me what you wish for, and your wish came true.

All Fairies: We're having a party!

Random fairys: A really big party!

Timmy: Just for me?

Fairies: Yea kid, just for you!

Wanda: We brought gifts!

Cosmo: We brought pals!

Wanda: I brought guys!

Cosmo: I brought cows!

Timmy: But just what the heck did I do?

Cosmo: (to Wanda) You brought guys?

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: You could've let your secret out, and blown it through and through

Fairies: OOOOOOOOOH!!!

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: But you're the kid that kept it hid, so it's you and only you!

To be trusted with this magic, it's too good to be true.

You'll get what you wish for, and your wish come true.

Timmy: I might wanna be the PRESIDENT!!

Wanda: Cool!

Timmy: Or destroy Kalamazoo!

Cosmo: I'll help!

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: Just think, believe, and you'll recieve your wish--

Cosmo and Wanda together: Yoy gotta want it, you really gotta want it!

Fairy Cowlick Jr.: --comes--

Cosmo and Wanda together: Ya gotta make that wish come true!


*Music ends*


Cosmo (talking): "Seriously, how many guys?"

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