R-Three - Love is Stranger than Fiction lyrics

There are walls

before me

There are walls

all around me

And walls that keep me safe

There are secrets, and strategies

hide-outs and ciphers

snakes and snipers

and tales that make me brave

There are secret doorways

with secret codes

no one seems to know

I've got borders and spies

I've got x-ray eyes

and signs that lie

and tests that everyone

must satisfy

I want to feel the love

I want to take a chance

walk tall in the sun

and live a life of romance

But I can't be sure

If sex is an addiction

And faith is an affliction

and love is stranger than...

love is stranger than...

Love is stranger than fiction

There are parapets and batteries,

bridges and motes,

mythology, biology and

scanners and ghosts

there's poison and prophesy

and riddles that everyone

must answer by rote

I want to feel the love,

sing songs in the rain

I want to look in your eyes

and know you feel the same

But I can't be sure'

If hope is just illusion

and ego is delusion,

this life is strange confusion

'cause love is stranger than fiction

I'd learn Morse code

I'd send smoke to the sky

I'd take your word as gospel

And never ask why

I'd hang my hair from the window

leave crumbs in the dust

I'd taste a poison apple

if I knew I could trust

that you'd touch my heart

and set me free

kiss my eyes,

lift this blindness from me

can you... save me'?

Can you save'me...?

I've got protocols and firewalls,

scripture and verse

I'm sheltered from sin

but it only gets worse

Protected from the world

so nothing gets in

no sign of life,

no hope from within

I want to feel the love

but I can't take the pain

I want to hide from the son

and not have to explain

'cause I'll never be sure

that sex is an addiction

and faith is an affliction

'cause love is stranger than...

love is stranger than...

Love is stranger than fiction

love is stranger than-

love is stranger than-

Love is stranger than fiction

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