R. Kelly & Tone

R. Kelly & Tone - Only The Loot Can Make Me Happy

Held back by walls of security, that

I just could never see, held people at arms length

devoid of human contact

Cannot express emotion

I try with all my strength

What is the matter with me?

It seems that no one even cares

I'm blinded by my innocence

will no one be there for me?

When I dont understand.

Covered in blankets of Imagination

Where I can talk to people without a

second thought

What if they're laughing at me

I know I'm not good enough

so I won't even try.....

God only knows what'll keep us from dying

because eveytime I look around I see Life as a big lie

Yeah everybody's saying "yeah I'm the one" yeah

"everybody came running to me"

But thats not how it works and it never did

you know I'm sorry it had to be this way

things got fucked up but thats okay....

...I'm sorry....

...I'm sorry....

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