Queens of The Stone Age

Queens of The Stone Age - Do It Again guitar tab

Queens of the Stone Age - Do It Again

This is just one of the great songs off of Songs for the Deaf

It's not really that hard, but you must tune down the way Josh

Homme does cause hes a genius, DEAL WITH IT!!!

Tune 2 steps down low to high, (C F Bb Eb G C)

Verse Riff

Play this with up and down strokes

C -----------------------------------|

G -----------------------7-----------|



F --7--7--7--7--7--------------------|

C --0--0--0--0--0--------------------|


I havent quite figured this out but

it goes something like this

C -----------------------------------|

G -----------------------------------|



F -10-10--7--7--6--6/7--7--7---------|

C --8--8--5--5--4--4/5--5--0---------|

Thats about it. The middle part is basically the same chords as

the chorus, just played in a different way. Email me if you think

this is good, sucks or whatever, at biondokorn@hotmail.com.

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