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A Beautiful Green  (guitar tab)
A Sharp Is A Flat  (guitar tab)
Battle Scars  (guitar tab)
Battlescars  (guitar tab)
Caller 10  (guitar tab)
Coldest Of Calendars  (guitar tab)
Dont Try This At Home  (guitar tab)
Flashlight  (guitar tab)
Flashlight Bass  (guitar tab)
For The Second Time Bass  (guitar tab)
Green Light  (guitar tab)
Heart Transplant  (guitar tab)
Here Goes Nothing Bass  (guitar tab)
Hit  (guitar tab)
How Could You Bass  (guitar tab)
Just Getting Started  (guitar tab)
Open Up  (guitar tab)
Play  (guitar tab)
Play Bass  (guitar tab)
Power Off  (guitar tab)
Power Off Bass  (guitar tab)
Rewind  (guitar tab)
Rewind Bass  (guitar tab)
Stop  (guitar tab)
Time In A Picture  (guitar tab)
Wars Will Always Happen  (guitar tab)
Why Is He Right  (guitar tab)
World  (guitar tab)