Psycho Realm

Psycho Realm - R. U. Experienced

Every Sunday mornin that old precher lets his sermin ring

His only daughters in the choir and i hang on every word she sings

I heard him say that blessing is the man who looks on lovely things

Well i dont know how much more blessed i could ever be


Hallelujia..I see an angel right before my eye ( when the spirit moves ya )

just gotta stand up and testify

precher can u save me im inlove with your daughter

i gotta either come hell or high water

He must of caught me looking at her

cuz he started preechin brimstone and fire

He said boy ur gunna burn if you dont learn how to controll your desire

well preecher ive been burnin since the moment i walked in

so make it short and sweet and pass a plate and say a'men


Oh lord won't you forgive me for the sin i know

Im thinkin things im thinkin but its out of my control


I cant forget her even though i know i oughta

Ive gotta either come hell or high water

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