Poverty's No Crime

Poverty's No Crime - You've Learned Your Lesson

From the beginning, you had no chance

You had no aid, no helping hand

Just hate and pain was all you've learned

You never asked, never said one word

Someday you will

Pay back what you endured

Then they will see

You have found your cure

They say you have to do what they want

You're under your parents command

No way to realize your ideas

They do not even see your tears

Poor me

Is what you think

Fuck you

Is what you say to them when you're

Grown up...

When you'll get a family

Your own children

They will see

What you've learned from mum and dad

You will make them bend to your will

Stop getting at me

Don't want to do

The things that you teached me


I just feel like

I'm back at home

I never be free


You've learned your lesson

A lesson of hate and pain


You've got no choice

Just always do the same

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