Poor Old Lu

Poor Old Lu - A Better Me

This song is definitely one of the 'filler' tracks on the album. Never played in concert (that I can remember) and hardly ever mentioned by anyone. What is it's strong point (if any)? The bridge. This song's bridge remains one of our top 5 favorites. Strange, but true.

The focus of this song lyrically is on *our* focus. Based on 1 Corin 10:23, "All things are permissable, but not all things are beneficial." We have such freedom in Christ, but in striving after the Lord our focus needs to remain on the things above, what is good, what is righteous. We can spend time looking backward to mistakes we've made, things we've done poorly, but are they beneficial in our walk? The Lord desires to build us up in Him, and that means our gaze must remain upon Christ.

do you and I have time to spare

to wonder why and is it fair

who is it that makes me frown

I'm inside out and upside down

I say we can

I say we can, but we might not be

a better man, a better me

what was it you used to say

better shut your mouth and look away

I've been thinking about yesterday

I'm still thinking about yesterday


it creeps and bites

my thoughts and head

my patience dead

and low

it grows and holds me

loves to hate me

so irate I...

I say we can

I say we can - but we might not be

a better man, a better me

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