Polly Jean Harvey

Polly Jean Harvey - Yuri-G Demo


On the surface things look different

What's underneath you cannot tell

For years it seems that everything is going well

Behind the laughter hides a mystery

Shrouded in a friendly veil

The moment when you're making progress

All things fail

A challenge to be solved, they can't resist

The chase

Their masquerade

This dangerous path you're on, what if your instinct's wrong

Beware the wrath of a patient man

Danger, danger

Danger Lies

Close beside, close beside you

Danger, danger, close beside

Waiting to take you away

What we perceive as being normal

A twisted mind won't stipulate

To occupy their genius a masquerade

Way down a no-where road you're drifting

Into a no-where place you'll stay

Make a wish pray someone's listening, night and day

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