Paul Westerberg

Paul Westerberg - You've Had it With You

I had it with the friend who uses me

To open doors like I was a skeleton key

I had it with everyone, had it with anyone I ever knew

You've had it with you

You need someone to fall in love, need someone to fall in love

Any anyone will do

You've had it with you

Like Catherine the Great underneath a big horse

Your sexual preference is me of course

I get away with murder and I promise not to hurt her

If I have to shoot

Had it with you

Had it with your shoes..

Had it with you baby and your star-cheap car

I'm fading faster than a UK pop star

I've had it with everyone, everyone I ever knew well I do

[You had it with your neighbors, had it with your clothes

You had it with your records, ???

You had it with your friend, had it with your shoes,

You had it, goddammit! You've had it with you!

And you've had it with me too...

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