Paul Weller

Paul Weller - You Do Something To Me (Live) guitar tab

You do something to me(live)

This is of the album days of speed



------0--0-----0---0-----2----2----0h2---2---2------ 0----0---0--0-------2---2---2---2-----------



------2--2/4---4---4-----0----0----0-----0---0-------2----2---2--2-------4---4---4---4---------- Fill 1



Intro Fill 1 four times

Em D Am7 Bm7 Em

You do something to me something deep inside

Em D Am7 Bm7 Em

Im hanging on the wire For a love i'll never find

Em D Am7 Bm7 Em

You do something wonderful to chase it all away

Em D Am7 Bm7 Em

Mixing my emotions that throws me back again

C Am7 Bm7 Em

Hanging on the wire im waiting for the change

C G Am7

Im dancing through the fire just to cath a flame

C Em

Just to fee real again

Transcribed by Danny Howitt and Brian Gill

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