Paul Weller

Paul Weller - UP IN SUZES' ROOM guitar tab


Written by Paul Weller

From 'Heavy Soul' (1997)

Chords used:

Capo at 2nd fret:

F#m7: 020000 Bm13: x02012 Dmaj7: x32000

F#m9: 020002 Bm7: x02013 C#7: x21202

B7: x02020 Fdim: xx1212 A: 3x0003

B13: x02022 F#m: 022000 G#7: 242352

B7*: x02023 Emaj7: xx0222

F#m7 F#m9

F#m7 B7 B13 B7*

Yellow strands mingle into red

F#m9 B7 B13 B7*

Warm air blows, down on her soft bed

F#m9 B7

She licks my face and the feeling spreads

F#m9 B7

I'm up in Suzes' room - flowers bloom-ing-ful

Bm13 Bm7 Fdim F#m

I'm up in Suzes' room - where life goes so soon

She's anything that you can call free

She's everything that she wants to be

She has everything that you could want to see

I'm up in Suzes' room - flowers full in bloom

I'm up in Suzes' room - where time goes so soon

F#m7 Emaj7

Soon, against the moon

Bm7 B7

A big sky paints - but she calls the tunes

Dmaj7 C#7 A

She's cool that way - how I wish it could stay


Forever that way

(guitar solo over verse chords)

No one moves - no one can

When luck rolls its' coins, they land where they stand

To make us everything that you never planned

I'm up in Suzes' room - people bloom-ing-ful

Up in Suzes' room - where life goes so soon

F#m7 F#m9 (x2) B7 B13


Up in Suze's room (rpt. to fade)

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