Paul Weller

Paul Weller - Uh Huh Oh Yeh lyrics

I took a trip down boundry lane

Try an' find myself again

At least a part I left somewhere

Buried under a hedgrow near

A lazy bridge on a hot afternoon

Water glistening while it plays a tune

Cloudburst on a rainy day

Wiping all my sleep away

Uh huh oh yeh - uh huh oh yeh

Always there to confuse and fool you

And in my mind I saw the place

As each memory returned to trace

Dear Reminders of who I am

The very roots upon which I stand

And there they were for all to see

My long, lost, used-to-be's

And all the dreams I had to dream

Were really something - not make believe

A lazy tree by a wishing well

I wish now that I could tell

If all the dreams I used to dream

Are really something, not make believe

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