Paul Weller

Paul Weller - Leafy Mysteries lyrics

and these leafy mysteries

and the silence of the eve

and in the shady tree's I swing

& in the dappled orchards heat

where I lie & wait

wait for the breeze

to carry me

to a place I can lose myself

no time just somewhere else

with a face I can recognise

-I forget sometimes

that's always been here

And all these leafy mysteries

& the changing of the seas

& all the secrets of the tide

just open up the world I find-

so small to me

when there's so much to see –

so much to be –

day up & the grasses hiss

get up! Like sweet lips they kiss

see now that you're part of it

I forget sometimes

That's always been here

And these leafy mysteries

Have always been & always will

& in the shady trees I swing

& in the dappled orchard's heat

-where I lie & wait

wait for the breeze

to hunger me-

wait for the trees

to breathe in to me

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