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Paul Weller - As You Lean Into The Light guitar tab

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As You Lean Into The Light - Paul Weller


Verses - This is the intro

Fadd7 D Dsus2 Dsus

E |--------0--0--0--0-0-0-|--2--2--3p2-------0---|

B |--------6--6--6--6-6-6-|--3--3------3-----3---|

G |--------5--5--5--5-5-5-|--2--2--------2---2---|

D |--------0-----0------0-|----------------------|

A |-5p3-0-----------------|----------------------|

E |-----------------------|----------------------|

Now this is the verse rift for all the verses

Fadd7 D Dsus2 Dsus

E |--------0--0--0--0-0-0-|--2--2--3p2-------------|

B |--------6--6--6--6-6-6-|--3--3------3--631/3--|

G |--------5--5--5--5-5-5-|--2--2---------52/2--|

D |--------0-----0------0-|------------------------|

A |-----------------------|------------------------|

E |-----------------------|------------------------|

And this is what he plays during the bridge type part(roughly)

E |----------0---------0--|-2--2--3p2------------|

B |--------6---6------6-6-|-3--3------3---3------|

G |------5-------5---5----|-2--2--------2--------|

D |----------------0------|----------------------|

A |-----------------------|----------------------|

E |-----------------------|----------------------|

Finally at the end of the bridge he plays this

E |--0----------0---------|

B |--6--6/10----10--------|

G |--5--5/9-----9---------|

D |-----------------------|

A |-----------------------|

E |-----------------------|

Ok you should be able to piece that together.

Here are the lyrics for it, just add drums

and a bass and you'll sound like Paul himself!



Gentle rain

Here it comes again

Rattling round your window, threatening pain

Coming on like a friend, but you know better than

Yesterday that held you by a different hand

Hail and stone

And all thats gone

When everything that passes , cuts to the bone

Turning like a wheel dragging a heavy stone

A weight that ties you down that you will never own

Strange to see, a paper smile on thee

When once you moved and lit the room

For us all to be

Now if I could be the sun I'd shine in your life

If I could be the rain, I'd rain from your eyes

And I'd wash away the emptiness you feel inside



Now, last but not least, the solo. For backing chords muck

around with verse chords.

play quickly(bend the 10 down to the 8)

E |-----------------------|----------------------|-----------------------|

B |-10b8-6-8--------------|----------------------|---------------6-6-----|

G |---------7--------5-5--|----------------------|---5-5-7---7-7-----7-7-|

D |---------------/7------|--7p53-0-3-5B-3-0-3--|5/7--------------------|

A |-----------------------|----------------------|-----------------------|

E |-----------------------|----------------------|-----------------------|

(on the 5B play exagerated vibrato!)

That should do it. Email me with corrections or inquiries.

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