Paul Weller

Paul Weller - 5th Season lyrics

A storm is raging, inside my head

The wind is howling, such thoughts of death

Why am I so lost and confused?

Can't find the reason, for feeling blue

There's so much I can't explain

Hope this season changes soon.

The lightning strikes and the mountains fall

The sea's come crashing, against it all

Hang on tight, in the tides of change

And get your bearings from those still sane

There's so much I've yet to feel

Hope the seasons change me too.

The serpent tangles, in the lion's claw

A cloud of darkness, hangs over all

As fires soar, in search of sky

So blow embers, like fire flies

Hoping love is where they'll lie,

And the season change us too.

THE WEAVER - Paul Weller

Can you put a smile back on - all these different faces

Of all these people from - such different places

And if you can succeed - what then will you achieve

With a different tune to play - you've been saving for a rainy day

Will you heal the scar that's on - the years been wasted

The tears spent on the past - just filling spaces

Or is love forever gone, banished to a smaller part

Hide behind your wall and start - to get to the very heart

An' if you wanna shoot the moon - make sure that you know why

Careful, fly too soon - better let someone else try

I'm the weaver of your dreams - I get rid of your bogeyman

I'm here to smash the shell you're under

An' get you into another thing -

I'm the weaver of your dreams - I put paid to the rocketman

I'm here to break the spell you're under

And get you started with another plan

Could you put a kiss back on - the lips so twisted

Waiting for the chance to start - dipping into wishes

Or is love forever gone - banished to a smaller part

Hide behind your wall and start - to get to the very heart

And in the midst of the darkest night

Think of me and hold me tight

So that I might live to see

All the weaving of my dreams

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