Paul Weller

Paul Weller - 5th Season guitar tab

Artist: Paul Weller

Song: 5th Season

Tunning: standard



E9 A7 Cmaj7 A C D

E |-7------5----0-------|--0----0----2----|

B |-7------8----0-------|--2----1----3----|

G |-7------6----0-------|--2----0----2----|

D |-6------5----2-------|--2----2----0----|

A |-7------7----3-------|--0----3----x----|

E |-0------5----x-------|--x----x----x----|

Chord part


A storm is raging inside my head

The wind is howling, such thoughts of death.


Why am I so lost and confused?


Can't find the reason I'm feeling blue.

Cmaj7 A

There's so much I can't explain,

C D E9

Hope this season changes soon.

(This patten is repeated for the rest of the song,

including backing for the solos)


Now here are the solos. There are two of them,

one neat and orderly one that appears twice

inbetween verses and one improvisation at the end.

Solo 1


(This line repeated twice)


E |-------------------------|-------------------------|

B |-------------------------|-------------------------|

G |------9-9------9-9-----9-|------9-9------9-9-12----|

D |-9h12-----9h12----9h12---|-9h12-----9h12-----------|

A |-------------------------|-------------------------|

E |-------------------------|-------------------------|

(Then this once)

Cmaj7 A C D

E |-----------------------|----------------------------------|

B |-----------------------|----------------------------------|

G |-----------12----------|-----------12---------------------|

D |------12h14--14--------|------12h14--14-12----------------|

A |-12h14-----------------|-12h14------------14-1210--------|

E |-----------------------|---------------------------12-10--|

Cmaj7 A C D

E |-----------------------|----------------------------------|

B |-----------------------|-12-------------------------------|

G |-----------12----------|---14-12--------------------------|

D |------12h14--14--------|--------14-12---------------------|

A |-12h14-----------------|-------------14-12/10-------------|

E |-----------------------|----------------------12----------|

Solo 2


This is just a big jam around with Em pentatonic at the 12th

position. Play E9 and A along with solo.

E |------------------------------------|-------------------------------|

B |------------------------------------|-------------------------------|

G |------------------------------------|-----------12------------------|

D |-14--12-14----12--------------------|-2p0-----14--14------0h2b------|

A |---14-----------14-12/10-13p12p10---|----2p0-----------0h2----------|

E |---------------------------------12-|-------3p0-----3p0-------------|

(fast bit)

E |--------12-12-12-12-12b--------------------------|

B |-----------------------15p12---------------------|

G |-12-------------------------14p12----------------|

D |----14---------------------------14p12--12h14----|

A |--------------------------------------14---------|

E |-------------------------------------------------|

The next bit (very fast bit) is difficult to tab in the right

time, so just hammer and pull off some of the notes very

quickly in the lower half of the Em pentatonic at the 12th

fret and then peak at A (or fret 17 on high E string) after

running through the whole scale at that position quickly,

then come down like the last bit in the tab above.

Hope this helps anyone trying to play 5th Season!

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