Patent Pending

Patent Pending - Parting Gifts lyrics

got my pictures back today

and the expression on your face

was all you had to say

to clue me in to what's going on

I can't believe i said i loved you for so long

So now I finally see where i was mistaken

from starring at these pictures that we had taken

I always said a photograph

was worth a thousand words

and as for you and me

I'm not sure i cant take this anymore

I'm proud to say that

i have crawled out from the dark

just in time to watch this whole thing to fall apart

A love we had, a love so sad

our love is gone

I'm not ashamed to admit that i was wrong

Your parting first won't fill the void

I'm feeling double crossed, sick, tired

annoyed by everything you've done

that you said you meant

all the time, energy, and money spent

all those heart felt kisses

I had wasted all the memories

that you had pasted in my heart

that makes up my mindset

I can forgive, but i won't forget

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