Patent Pending

Patent Pending - Decemberween (Live Acoustic) lyrics

[In loving memory of three day weekend]

It's a long long way to December.

I'll never even close my eyes,

won't let you take me by surprise. noooo

I'll leave no pages left unturned

I'll leave no candles left unburned,

I'm gonna keep you by my side.

Please don't fade away

these lonely nights seem lonelier without you

and if you fade away these summer days

will never be the same

Jack be nimble Jack be quick

Please stop the car

I'm feeling sick

and i won't make this trip without you

I've come a long long way from home

I've come a long long way for you

and I'm not leaving here alone

I know that you dont like too

but if you could for just a while

let me stare into your prefect eyes

let me see your pretty smile

There's no place I'd rather be tonight

There's no face I'd rather have in sight

I wont let go

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