Paris - 40 Ounces And A Fool lyrics

(feat. Da Old Skool)

The Perpetating

Balling Ass Nigga On Your Block

With Slave Money

From The Record Company I'm Popping

Now I'm On My Way

To The Neighborhood Liquir Store

To Help Sell More

Of That Bullshit To My Folks

Reaching For A Can

As A Man With No Conscious

But I'm Making Money

So Nigga You Can Watch

This Mack-Bubble

Cause I'm In Trouble

When I Pop The Top

Even Though I Know

I'm Selling Out My Song

Just To Make A Nut

So Nigga Buy It

And Fuck What You Heard

Cause All Of That Black Power Bullshit

Is For The Birds

Yeah, I Know It's Poison

What I'm Selling Out

But Yo

I'm A New House Nigga With A Flow

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