Paramore - Franklin

Time to pay the rent babygotta try and work harder.

Really goin’ nowhere fastyou’re not goin’ much farther.

Gotta take a break babytry and make my load lighter.

I’m missin’ somethin’ that I neednever been much of a fighter.

Well maybe I madea few mistakes.

But baby you knowthey were mine to make.


I know the gamebut I don’t want to play it.

I know the wordbut I don’t want to say it.

I’ve got the billbut I don’t want to pay it.

I know the gamebut I ain’t gonna play it this time.

You watch me like a hawkbabyI know somethin’s gotta give.

Listen to the way you talkbabythis ain’t no way to live.

Everything I don’t havewell it all belongs to you.

I’m doin the best that I canbaby what you want me to do.



The old ways are dead & gone

And the door is open wide.

Anything can happen now. you can see me

Standin’ on a thin line.


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