Paramore - Born For This

Its a cold night said the city bum

With a blanket on his shoulder

Sitting by the delaware

And the damp air gets colder

Morning is not even close

Thats when the church doors open

The night is long lonely night

But still he’s not alone

When I was young look above

The heavens game me hope and spirit

Having lost my job and my true love

This bottle gives me spirit

Here this says the policeman

Kicking him from his warm grate

No bums here curse his soul

The cop was shot later that night on patrol

Morning comes

And the church was open

But it was full

There was no hoping

For some food or hot coffee

To greet this bitter day

In winter time

Spare some change the businessman

Spat and walked away

Later on in the businessmans day

His money was gone when his wallet misplaced

A cabbie passed mean and fast

Pushed a horn and gave a blast

Sprayed the bum with dirty slush

The bum was angry but he stayed hush

Two blocks later the cabbie rushed

The red light flashed

The city bus smashed the cab against the pole

The cab was gone and the cabbie was crushed

Day was fading and night came on

The shelters for nowhere is home

The bum cries lonesome tears

Tasted stale and bitter like beer

When he reached his cache

His blankets were gone

Stolen away

The bum cried more tears

The night grew old

He shivered still

Drew one more breath

I heard him moan

He passed that night at five am

The night was four below zero

The coldest night of the season

Without reason his blankets were stolen

A gypsy girl of fourteen sensed a strange eruption

In a crystal ball as clear as day

She watched a thief walk away

With two warm blankets underneath the bridge

He fell asleep the last deed he did

The thief in a rest rolled off a ledge

And drowned in a frozen cold

The gypsy girl she looked again

Into her crystal ball

She seen the bum take one last breath

He died and let his hair fall

Knowing the truth all powerful

Yet unsuspecting man

That same man

Thiefed uponrobbed uponspat upon

Gone for all eternity

The gypsy girl curses society

The poor old bum

A burden and a bother

Was my only father

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