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Awakened halfway through basic training
To find that no you'd never volunteered
Impressed by the conduct of your elders
Desertion can't be entertained
Yet, anyway

Issued neither sword nor uniform
Just the regulation acorn CPU
To water and prune
As was shown to you
Once it's taken root

And you
Whether accident or souvenir
You're here this is it
You'd better get used to it
We've made a place for you just you
You'll do you'll have to

Just like that you're thrown into combat
Your comrades are falling by your side
By chance if your column advances
And your mission has slipped your mind
That's by design

Without 9 number strings
Of base ten digits
Or n rolls of an icosahexahedron
They're addressed to you
But anyone's will do
They're all identical
Read in full:

"Dear accident or souvenir
You're here this is it
You'd better get used to it
We are counting on you: one, two...
You'll do you'll have to"

Braced for impact
When you meet your contact
In the prearranged spot
To pool dossiers
Wondering all the way
With no enemy
Must we conscript any more?

We'll soldier on
We'll soldier on
Marching along
Marching along
We'll soldier on
We'll soldier on
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