Orphaned Land

Orphaned Land - Aldiar Al Mukadisa

khavivi ya khavivi ha'el hamelekh harakhman.

yishlakh meshikho hane'eman. av harakhman shma kolenu.

shlakh ben david veyigalenu nashuv letzion ir kodshenu.

venishlot ba beyad rama.

mizmor ledavid yehova roi lo ekhsar: bin'ot deshe yarbitzeni al-mey

menukhot yenahaleni: nafshi yeshovev yankheni bema'agley-tzedek

lema'an shmo: gam ki-elekh begey tzalmavet lo-ira ra ki-ata imadi

shivtekha umishantekha hema yenakhamuni: ta'arokh lefanay shulkhan

neged tzoreray dishanta bashemen roshi kosi revaya: akh tov vakhesed

irdefuni kol-yemey khayay veshavti beveit-yehova leorekh yamim:

English translate: The Holy Land Of Israel

my beloved one oh my beloved one the merciful king God.

he will send his faithful messiah. merciful father hear our call.

send the son of david and he will redeem us we will return

to Zion our holy city. and we will rule it mightily.

poetry for David, Jehovah is my shepherd I shall

not want: on grass fields he'll lay me, on calm waters

he'll direct me: my soul he'll make joyful, will guide

me in justice-circles for his name: even if I'll walk in

death-shadow valley I shall not fear because you are with me,

your staff and your support they will comfort me: you

will set up for me a table against my enemies, in oil you

cover my head and filled is my glass: but kindness and

charity will seek me all my life and I shall sit

in Jehovah's house for days on.

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