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Operation Ivy
Plea For Peace

tabbed by Sean McCullough (bankshot@mailhost.nmt.edu)

I think the guitar part is just power chords with these roots...


G ------------------------------
D ------------------------------
A ------2----------2-3-3-3--   The song starts off with this riff
E -3-3-3--3-2-1-1-1--------
 It wasn't my decision...

G ------------553--------------  Sometimes Matt leaves out the 05 at
D ---------------------------5---  the end.
A ---------------------------0---  This normally follows the verse, but
E -3-32-21-1-1----3-32-21-1-1--  it appears at other points too
  Certain jocks sought control...


G ----------------------------------------------
D ----------------------------------------------
A ---------3333333333333333---------  Matt does some things with transition
E -11111111----------------11111111-  notes but it's really hard to hear
  Pices of a machine called education...
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