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Artist/band: one minute silence
Song title: brainspiller
Tabbed by: wolf boy / Kurt Mayhew
Dropped D tuning

Hey why hasn’t anyone tabbed any of one minute silence they are great.
The bass is so fun to play
Intro – come in at 00.19 Scratch the string with a pick to give the right sound
G    ---------    x12
D    ---------
A    ---------
D    -0-0-0--

Chorus – come in after Brian shouts “brainspiller”
G    ------------------------------   x4
D    ------------------------------
A    ------------------------------
D    -0-3-5-0-3-5-0-5/65-3----

G    ---------------------------------------   x6
D    --------------------------------------------
A    --------------------------------------------
D    -0--0-1-0--0-1-0-2-0-3---0--0-1-0---5/6-0-2-0-6

Chorus x3 then
Riff 1
G    ------------  x1
D    ------------
A    ------------
D    -0-3-5-0-3

Then chorus     x4
Verse           x6
Chorus          x3
Riff1           x1
Then chorus     x4

G    --------------------------------   x8
D    --------------------------------
A    --------------------------------
D    --/10--0-0--/10--3-4-5-3---

Solo – I am not sure about what the bass does during the solo
G    --------------------------------   x7
D    --------------------------------
A    ------13----12----11----10--
D    -- 10----10----10----10-----

G     -------------------------------   x1
D    --------------------10---------
A    -------13----12-----------10-
D    -- 10----10----10----10-----

This is about all there is I’ll be doing the rest some other time as I haven’t
really had the time and I am a bit of a novice compared to some people
Any mistakes noticed please email me on
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