Offspring - What Happened To You

Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid Bergman,

Let´s go make a picture

On the island of Stromboli, Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman, you´re so perty,

You´d make any mountain quiver

You´d make my fire fly from the crater

Ingrid Bergman

This old mountain it´s been waiting

All ist life for you to work it

For your hand to touch the hardrock,

Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid Bergman

If you´ll walk across my camera,

I will flash the world your story,

I will pay you more than money, Ingrid Bergman

Not by pennies dimes nor quarters,

But with happy sons and daughters,

And they´ll sing around Stromboli,

Ingrid Bergman

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