Offspring - Intermission

Yeah, what's the deal? What's the deal y'all?

I need y'all niggaz to buckle up one time

Fasten your seatbelts, I'm a take y'all on some real shit

This Theodore shit, y'all niggaz know what time it is and shit

Y'nah mean? It's real motherfuckin' shit, you know

Yo, making moves back and forth uptown

60 dollars plus toll is the cab fee

Wintertime bubble goose, goose, clouds of smoke

Music blastin' and the Arab V blunted

Whip smelling like fish from 125th

Throwin' ketchup on my fries, hitting baseball spliffs

Back seat with my leg all stiff

Push the fuckin' seat up, tartar sauce on my S Dot kicks

Rocks is lit while I'm poppin' the clips

I'm ready for war, got to call the Cuban guys

Got the Montana pulled in front of the store

Made my usual gun check, safety off, come on Frank

The moment is here, take your fuckin' hood off and tell the driver to stay put

Fuck them niggaz on the block they shook, most of them won't look

They frontin', they no crooks and fuck up they own juks

Look out for Jackson 5-0 cause they on foot

Straight ahead is the doorway, see that lady that lady with the shopping cart

She keep a shottie cocked in the hallway

Damn she look pretty old Ghost, she work for Kevin, she 'bout seventy seven

She paid her dues when she smoked his brother in law at his bosses' wedding

Flew to Venezuela quickly when the big fed stepped in

3 o'clock, watch the kids, third floor, last door

You look paranoid that's why I can't juks with you

Why? Why you behind me leery?

Shakey Dog stutterin', when you got the bigger cooker on you

You is a crazy motherfucker, small Hoodie dude

Hilarious move, you on some Curly, Moe, Larry shit

Straight parry shit, Krispy Kreme, cocaine, dead bodies, jail time you gon' carry it

Matter of fact, all the cash, I'm a carry it

Stash it in jelly and break it down at the Marriott

This is the spot, yo son your burner cocked?

These fuckin' maricons on the couch watchin' Sanford and Son

Passin' they rum, fried plantains and rice

Big round onions on a T-bone steak, my stomach growling yo I want some

Hold on, somebody's comin', get behind me, knocked at the door

Act like you stickin' me up, put the joint to my face

Push me in quickly when the bitch open up

Remember you don't me, blast him if he reach for his gun

Yo who goes there? Tony, Tony one second homie

No matter rain, sleet or snow you know you suppose to phone me

Off came the latch, Frank pushed me into the door

The door flew open, dude had his mouth open

Frozen, stood still with his heat bulgin'

Told him Freeze! lay the fuck down and enjoy the moment

Frank snatched his gat, slapped him, axed him

Where's the cash, coke and the crack? Get the smoke and you fast

His wife stood up speakin' in Spanish, big tittie bitch holdin' the cannon

Ran in the kitchen, threw a shot, then kicking the four fifth

Broke a bone in her wrist and she dropped the heat

Give up the coke! But the bitch wouldn't listen

I'm on the floor like holy shit! Watchin my man Frank get busy

He zoned out, finished off my man's wiz

He let the pitbull out, big head Bruno with the little shark's teeth chargin'

Foamin' out the mouth, I'm scared

Frank screamin', blowin' shots in the air

Missin' his target, off the Frigidare, it grazed my ear

Killed that bullshit pit, ran to the bathroom butt first

Frank put two holes in the doorman's Sassoon

The coke's in the vacuum, got to the bathroom, faced his bad moves

The big one had the centipede stab wound

Frank shot the skinny dude, laid him out

The bigger dude popped Frankie boy, played him out

To be continued...

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