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Yes it's love that I'm preaching (peaceful man)
A peaceful man I try to be
Giving joy and sweetness to the people around me
To my brethren, to my sisthren

(Dread is dread) dread is dread
(Dreads are dreads) naughty dreads, naughty dreads, dreads

Man, if you hurt me (beware)
If you hurt me (beware)
I can be as sweet as I can be rough
Dread and rough
I can be rough
I can work for love I can walk for war
(Walk for war) walk for war

Yes I'm on war against the wicked one
Those who got power and set pressure in my life
Yes I'm on war in this foolish time
Forward in this positive fight

4x| Yes I'm on war

I use the fire (musical fire)
To get out my hunger
With words and sounds for weapon
Who hurts I hurt
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