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[Words: John Brenner]

How many years ago, I dreamed of simple goals
But life's so complicated now
A child at heart, a man in soul
I still dream the same dreams
Not too long ago - you were young, pure as snow
Untouched by life's pressures
Not more lovely than full of life
And of the hopes of the future

How many people do you know
Who've grown up overnight
Thrust into competing for no prize
No gold at the end of the rainbow
Because anti-septic truths and unimportant views
Have dimmed the true meaning of youth
I wish I could save you from my fate
And preserve your innocence forever

Ignorance to knowledge
Adolescent to mature
Dreams to reality
Youth to old age
all too soon

Why can't I save you
from the pain of growing up,
the pressures of your peers
Why can't I help you
fight the evils of the world
the sins of casual pleasure
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