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(feat. Snoopy Blue)

It's a blutiful day in my neighborhood
a blutiful day in my neighborhood
REMIX! ha ha muthafuckas

[Verse 1: Spider Loc]
I'm on the blue mic standin in the blue booth
Got that blue light blinkin on the blue tooth
Blue water, great big blue sky
Blue royal, all kind of blue fly
Blue boxers saggin in my blue jeans
Blue chucks on, fat lace blue strings
Got a jacket thats made out of blue fox
Blue knocks on the back of my blue rocks
Snoopy blue in the cut with the blue steel
We drink blue beast, and pop blue pills
Shoot it out over dope like in Blue Hill
Blue benz on four big blue wheels
Hood rats, blue braids, blue nails
Good cat, got an ass like a blue whale
Spray paint got the hood full of blue walls
Bleed blue blood, and got blue balls

Oh, Its a blutiful day
It's a blutiful world
I'm in a blutiful car
And got a blutiful girl

It's a blutiful night
My chain blings blue in the light
I'm blutiful when I grind
I'm blutiful when I shine

[Verse 2: Spider Loc]
Blue berry blunt wrapped
Gettin blue back
Bay mack plaque in the back of the blue 'Lac
Navy Blue long sleeves on my blue tees
Powder Blue knock-offs on my blue dees
Got a blutiful glow from that blue ice
Crack the crack game nice with the blue dice
Light the blunt with the torch and the flame blue
I'm in the fastlane gettin' my brains blewed
Blue kicks look good with the blue fit
I keep a blue choke chain on my blue pit
Stuff a dove worth the buzz in a blue bag
Jumpin' out the blue Jag
With a blue rag
Blue belts, blue hats blue coats
Dont sang but I do hum blue notes
High as a kite all night off the Blue Dolphin
When I go lay me in the blue coffin

Oh, Its a blutiful day
It's a blutiful world
I'm in a blutiful car
And got a blutiful girl

It's a blutiful night
My chain blings blue in the light
I'm blutiful when I grind
I'm blutiful when I shine

(You next Snoopy Blue ha ha)

[Snoopy Blue: talking]
Hey hold up Spider, How you gon do a song called " Blutiful World"'
and Snoopy Blue ain't in it? Ca- rip!

[Verse 3: Snoopy Blue]
Everything blue from the shirt, to the shoe to the strings
Rims, to the car earrings to the chain
Yeah I bang
Cuzz you can't tell by the colors?
Snoopy Blue in the blue mink middle of the summer chillin'
My birth stone blue ain't that a trip?
A coincidence, nah I was born a crip
Its a blue fact the house blue, trim blue
And everytime you see Snoopy he in something blue
From Dark Blue, to Sky Blue, Royal blue is mine
Sippin' Blueway easty like the Blue Line
Off a blue Puma never mind the blue rumors
Bumpin' Bobby Blue blowin' on some blue persuin'
This blue money cause them blue dice stay skippin'
Like blue rags get shown when niggas set trippin'
I'm in blue more than ya whole hood nigga
Why you think they call me Mr. Snoopy Blue nigga

Oh, Its a blutiful day
It's a blutiful world
I'm in a blutiful car
And got a blutiful girl

It's a blutiful night
My chain blings blue in the light
I'm blutiful when I grind
I'm blutiful when I shine

[Spider loc]
Im in a Blue vint, Blue grill Blue tint
Striking blue ink when I jot down the blueprint
The blue glove coordinate with the blue Hood
That Blue leather look good with the blue wood
blue phantom and the private jet blue
Fly first class never use jet blue
The blue harley worth more than the blue book
Im colour blind but I love how the blue looks
It's the truth, I'm a true Blue Boss
You cross me and your bound to need Blue cross
I ride with a red rag every Blue moon
Me n smurf getting money in the Blue Loon
Blue baseball cap, ridin for the Blue team
you can run but can't hide from that blue beam
Blue crypt now they fillin up my blue cup
them boyz in blue is hatin cus I blew up


Blutiful day, Blutiful Night
red sun and purple Night
I'm blutiful for every car that I drive
It's a blutiful world

Blutiful girl with all red curls
she look to blutiful with purple of pearl
and she always wear blue when she banging on the side
its a blutiful world

[Papa Smurf]
Its P. Smurf, tell em throw the red carpet out
My Chucks flaming like bullets when they sparkin out
Red fox stupid like Redd Foxx
Red Monkeys, rows go with the red rocks
My red bone hair red like Charli Baltimore
Then stopped at the red light, thats how we caught the boy
That red beam got yo hood fulla red necks
Papa Smurf, only Smurf in a red hat
My clothes red, my pitbull nose red
Hoes clothes red, cross me you be mo red
I drank red Remy thizz off a red Nykey
Red Levis saggin on my red Nikes
Red rubberbands hoppin out a red Benz
Eat red snapple, smoke more than Redman
Cherry swisher fulla cush got my eyes red
Red Gucci shades, look like the sky red


Can you picture purple pain in the rain when thugs cry
Purple rain up in the pane when the flood high
purple jordans, with the purple leather slips
purple Lig purple banada's in the stitch
Purple work the grey in the grey goose
Got the purple manson shirts and the stones in the a souse
A coouple purple codings, a couple purple Pills
Feeling like D-12 running up a purple Hill
Smoke weed still hate to taste the swishes
I go that purple cush stack all wrapped ina grapeliscious
Colour purple is my favourite picture
Red and Blue lead to puple thats a perfect picture
Purple Rag around the Mag, so its perfect with the tools
So everthing i hit turns purple n then blue
Come up in this grapevine like i hold a purple heart
Frutiful, Frutiful, purple with a purple car

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