October Crisis

October Crisis - Full Of Grace lyrics

Faith, Fuck your faith I have my ways, don't try and threaten and pressure me, it's the same stupid shit, that I see every single day.

(The more I think about them - The more I want to get away)

Tormented: A life of confusion.

Demented: Your life is disillusioned.

Expensive: For religion you pay.

Defensive when I question your faith

“Dear Heavenly Father, I question if you exist

Why so much death in your name by Fucking Lunatics?

At what price does your god value life? For what religion should I go to war and fight?”


Why can't you realize we don't see eye to eye? Did you ever sit and think that maybe

you're not right? - I'm Full of Grace


So Preach to me Tell me who and what to be Get on your knees, Here's god to please

How can one be so sure about divine spiritual faith?

Just leave me alone I have my own way! - I'm Full of Grace Greed, Fuck your Greed.

You're the one planting the seed.

No building, will ever house my beliefs. I think, What I want, what I want is relief.

When I think about them with their violence as peace.

I never thought so many could be sold. On a Hope or on a Dream

Death is coming. Give me all your money

Death is coming. Give me all your motherfucking money

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