O'Connor, Hazel

O'Connor, Hazel - Monsters In Disguise lyrics


Toward the surface

Through the eye of the storm

You'll find the way

The way through the labyrinth

Sweet Leviathan

Across oceans of time

You'll find the way


The path of angels

Watch the shadows dance

Along your way

Behind your back


For each step you take

For each question why

Burned right before your empty eyes

Scattered around the charred bones lie

Wings are broken and feathers torned

No tears will fall for those forlorn

Pale ghosts are rising

From their shallow graves

To devour the last of hopes

To make it fade away


The ever changing tide

The banner fell in the ashes

Upon the field where the victims lie


The way of the butterfly

As seasons change with reason

The truth become a lie

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